We’re moving… shaking things up!

As part of our New Year resolutions here at Ink & Arrow, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit!

Ink & Arrow Fabrics is now…


Just a little tweak, right?  We’ve always been a little sister to QT, that’s no surprise.  We realized that it’s more fun to mingle with QT and keep the family together!  We always say “No rules, just fabric”!

Seriously, how fabulous is that video 🙂

What does this mean?  Well, our website Inkandarrowfabrics.com,  will transfer over to QTFabrics.com and we will all live happily ever after in one big fabtastic stash of fun and fabric….


All of our Ink & Arrow blog content can be found over here with our  QT Fabrics Blog

Swing by and follow our On the QT blog – the more the merrier!!!

Day 4 – Sweet Rebellion Challenge!

This has been a most exciting week!  Our Sweet Rebellion fabrics are superstars in so many different projects – it’s been such fun to see the creativity and variation from all of our new friends.

Thanks to Wives of Whitewood for coordinating this sewing challenge.  Which is your favorite so far?  We can’t really choose 🙂

Today’s creative “Sweet Rebellion” is Karis of  The Modern Sewist with a super fun and sweet “Bowed Over Placemat & Napkin Set”  



We ❤ that Karis made a tutorial available for download – for free!  WOOHOO!  Check out her blog so you can create your own, just in time for a sweet & sassy Valentine’s Day dinner with your honey???

Make sure to follow them on instagram and like them on facebook!




And… of course… don’t forget to head over to the Wives of Whitewood instagram to find out how you can win a Sweet Rebellion GIVEAWAY!!!  Contest ends tomorrow at 7pm EST!

We can’t wait to share more projects with you!!!!

Day 2 – Sweet Rebellion Sewing Challenge!!!

So exciting to share another fantastic creative project featuring our Sweet Rebellion fabrics.  Our friends at Wives of Whitewood are hosting this challenge and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Day 2 brings this gorgeous embroidered table runner from the talented Kelly McCants at Modern June Blog!!!

This project is just stunning.  We love the contrast of the gray mini floral, the sassy sugar skulls and the pops of bold color in the embroidered flowers.  WOW!  See more photos, a full tutorial and tips/tricks to create this project at Modern June Blog.

Modern June Blog’s Embroidered Table Runner

Pop over to Kelly’s blog and explore this and all the other great projects and goodies you can find there!  Thanks Kelly!!!

Reminder, there is more to come AND… a giveaway!

Head over to the Wives of Whitewood instagram @wivesofwhitewood for more information! So exciting!!!

Check back tomorrow for the next Sweet Rebellion surprise!!!

Sweet Rebellion Sewing Challenge Week & Giveaway!

Our friends at Wives of Whitewood are the best!  We just love their projects, sense of humor and talent!  As “sweet rebellions” themselves, they organized our Sweet Rebellion sewing challenge that is happening this week!

We can’t get enough of this new collection for Ink & Arrow by Felicia Gallo – check it out on our website and then come back to see all of the awesome ideas sewn up by our new friends!!!

Here is our first day’s creative “rebel”, Cindy Wiens from Live a Colorful Life


Such a great little quilt!  We love the way the black and white Pixie Dots move with the sweet and sassy fabrics!   Check out their blog for a fabulous step-by-step tutorial.  

And check back tomorrow for even more great Sweet Rebellion fabric projects!!!

There is also a Sweet Rebellion fabric giveaway!  Head over to the Wives of Whitewood instagram @wivesofwhitewood for more information!   So exciting!!!


I&A at Quilt Market – Recap Part 1!

Quilt Market held annually in Houston, TX has come and gone again – time flies.   It is FLYING by – can you say Thanksgiving in 2.5 weeks – EEK!

We had a great market and we are excited to share some of what was shown in our booth!   This show is for trade only, we show our latest fabric collections to shop owners, pattern companies and magazines.  Since we think that no one should be left out of the fun,  here is a peek at our booth and upcoming fabric lines.  These lines are going to hit shops in March, April and May of next year so if you see something you love,  show this to your local shop and maybe they will order!  Shop owners love input from consumers!

Let’s start at the beginning with our Sneak Peek display.  It’s a little showcase at the front of the convention center that we decorate to give a little hint of what’s being shown in our booth!   At this market, it was all about “Gnome Matter What”… a new line from Alicia Jacobs Dujets for I&A.  It’s “totes adorbs” and well, right on trend with the flamingos in one of the prints…

Side note:  Flamingos were EVERYWHERE at market – it was great to see the pretty pink flamingos making themselves known to the world.  So glad that we are “in” on the flamingo fun…

_Sneak Peek Gnome Matter What 1sm.jpg

As you can see – we had fun with yo-yos!  You can never – EVER – have enough yo-yos… just sayin’… you’ll see more yo-yo fun in our booth!

Gnome what I’m saying?
How cute!!!










These whimsical lawn ornaments are ready to play in pretty peachy pink, softly sweet lilac with sassy sage green.  So fun!  Now that we have peaked your interest, let’s head over to the booth!

Here’s the wide shot of our booth – lots of fun inside!  Say Hi to Martha (left) and Jayne (right) our Regional Sales Managers ready to show the collections!

Our inspiration was yo-yos and circles and we had fun making a feature installation in our booth with a mix of paper circles and and fabric yo-yos!  What better way to show off the fun of our fabrics?



Cute prints accented with our Pixie Dot yo-yos.   This makes me smile! 🙂

Yes, that is a Pixie Dots tuffet!   Looking so chic in front of our feature yo-yo wall.  Thanks to Sharyn @ Tuffet Source for making this fabulous piece for us!!!

We wanted to show our collections at-a-glance and decided to continue the circle theme – here are all 20 of our thematic fabric groups (not including our Pixie Dots) to show everyone what we have to offer.  So much fun!



Excited to see more? We definitely have more to share – stay tuned for our next re-cap installment!





And we’re off! Houston here we come!

It’s that time of year, our International Quilt Market in Houston, TX is this week and, well, we are very excited!

Lots of preparation, planning, collaboration and running around culminates in an awesome event for us and the industry.  Our booth will have a little more space than last time and we are excited to share the experience with those of you who cannot attend.

Until the post-market wrap up, here are some photos of our pre-market prep and a little sneak peek of what we’ll be offering!

It wouldn’t be an Ink & Arrow Fabrics booth without Pixie dots!   #pixieenvy


Speaking of Pixies…  we have a cute feature display highlighting pixie yo yos and our prints… we are excited to show it off!  Our City Life Randy Rhino (Funky Friends Factory pattern) is very protective of the pixie dot feature wall 🙂

Yo Yo ❤

and speaking of our friends at Funky Friends Factory – here is Fleur the Flamingo ready to debut one of our newest collections, “Gnome Matter What” by Alicia Jacobs Dujets…


She’s acting quite demure but is really ready to bring the party to Quilt Market!

If you are in the industry and are attending, swing by our booth #2434 and introduce yourself to Fleur- she loves to network with our friends!!!


Happy National Sewing Month!

It’s always a great pleasure to share our passion for fabric.  We are thrilled to have a network of people we work with to help us spread the fun!  Our friend, Jane Headley, has worked with us for many years as a sample maker and sewing/project advisor.

We asked Jane to do a quick tutorial for National Sewing Month via our Ink & Arrow Academy!   Here, she is showing you how to install an invisible zipper!  *** Sneak peek of our newest collection, “It’s All About Me” which is hitting stores in February 2017!***

Ink & Arrow Fabrics Academy: Invisible Zipper Tutorial from Ink & Arrow Fabrics on Vimeo.


That was fun!  Let’s get to know more about  Jane, a fun lady who enjoys our fun fabrics!

Here’s a little Q&A 🙂

IandAquestion  Tell us a little about yourself!

jane  I’m Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred and when I die I’ll be Rhode Island dead.  That’s the URI  (University of Rhode Island) “Rhody” fight song.  After graduating from URI,  I taught Physical Education and over the years coached Gymnastics and Track &Field.   I’m married to a great, fun-loving man, have a son, a step-son and step-daughter.  Together we have 7 grandchildren who keep us busy and give us great joy.  In retirement, I keep busy with lots of sewing projects.

IandAquestion  Fun fact about you?  

Foot standing on the Grass seen from Above, Free Space for Text



 I love to tap dance!

Victoria Hutto’s “The Beat” collection gets our toes tapping!



IandAquestion  How did you get started with sewing?

jane   My mother taught me when I was 9 and I have never stopped sewing.  In the 60’s everyone, or so it seemed,  made their own clothes.  I was never afraid to try something difficult- I even made a plaid sports coat and striped bell bottoms for my boyfriend- but not to go together! When I was at URI, I took a tailoring class and loved it but, it was too late to change my major at that time.

IandAquestion  How long have you worked with Quilting Treasures & Ink & Arrow    Fabrics?   What is the favorite part of your work?

jane  For about 12 years!  I love that I am asked to do something different each time and I actually love deadlines.  It’s also fun to see the new fabrics before they are out in the stores.

IandAquestion  Here are just a few examples of Jane’s great work with us, with some        behind-the-scenes info on the project!!!

Romper made of “Dawg” fabric modeled by Studio artist, Alicia.   Jane was thrilled this romper fit so well, considering she didn’t have a fitting with Alicia!  Great job Jane!


I asked Jane to make a quick & fun table skirt for our “Naughty or Nice” collection – and voila!  Here is an adorable Tree (or in our case) Plant skirt!  🙂













Here, the request was “Jane, I need Cat’s Pajamas asap!”  Poof… here they are!  ❤

IandAquestion  You teach, can you tell us a little about your experience as a teacher?

jane  Back in the 70’s and 80’s I taught quilting classes in a few quilt shops.  I enjoy meeting new people and have found over the years that you can learn so much from the students.  I taught basic sewing at a local fabric store until it closed.  Now, I am teaching Classic Tailoring, a Chanel Inspired Jacket class and a Little Black Dress class as part of the Master Seamstress Program offered through the University of Rhode Island.  The program  offers a variety of classes in the Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.  You can find out more about these offerings by going to rhodeislandsewingnetwork.com and click on the link.

IandAquestion  What advice would you give to someone starting out with sewing?

jane  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes- everyone does.  Sign up for a class at the fabric store near you or look for an online class if you are not near a store.  It is always nice to work with someone who can be there to provide feedback, so look for a mentor.

IandAquestion  What is an example of a project that was a “happy accident”?

jane  I can’t really think of anything specific because I usually take apart and re-do and if I mess up royally I usually toss the project and save the fabric for another day.


**Sneak peek**  It’s All About Me fabric collection by Leslie Moak Murray for Ink & Arrow Fabrics.

This Monique dress pattern from Serendipity Studio features this new collection hitting shops in February 2017!

We just ❤ working with Jane; she is a class act, with lots of experience!   I’ve learned a lot along the way by working with Jane. One of the great things is her sense of humor and willingness to take on projects during crunch time!



Our little friends…

Just a quick hello… after all, it is almost LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!!  Woohoo! How fabulous to have an extra day off to enjoy and to be creative!

We have the perfect little project idea for you!  Our friend Paula at Funky Friends Factory has the most adorable patterns for stuffed animals.   Sew creative and sew much fun!!!    You don’t have to wait; there are instant-downloads available!   They also offer free video tutorials, perfect to take on as a project with a young sewer!

Check out our little friends, Digger the Dachshund in Pixies & The Cat’s Meow fabrics…


Puppy Dog Pete… featuring The Cat’s Meow fabrics…

What a silly dog in cat fabric!!!

and… my favorite… Randy Rhino in Pixies & City Life

Birds + Rhinos = ❤

There are so many Funky Friends Factory patterns to choose from, you could make an entire menagerie of little friends for your favorite kid or for yourself!  🙂

These cuties are hanging out on our Pixies fabric quilt made from Jaybird Quilts Stereo pattern… love it!  Hmmm.. or maybe they are playing triangle twister???  We’ll never know!

Psst… did you know we have 25 Pixie dots colors to choose from now?  I know right?  Awesome!!!!

We hope you enjoy the long weekend and have a chance to relax and do some sewing or crafting or making or whatever makes your ❤ happy!


Eat your fruits & veggies – creatively!

We have the perfect plan to make sure you eat your fruits & veggies!  Be creative!

Our newest collection, hitting shops in September, is called “Healthy Eats”!  Don’t worry, you don’t have to count carbs or step on a scale – EWWW!   No, no, no… just sit back, relax and enjoy looking at the delicious foods and tips on the fabrics and VOILA, you’ll be eating healthy in NO TIME!

This is such a cute collection from Lisa Jane Smith for Ink & Arrow, we love ❤ love the thought of healthy eating through carrot cake (carrots are good for your vision), wine (grapes), pizza (tomatoes) and an all American burger (lettuce & tomato) …  Soooo healthy!

_How to eat healthy , healthy eats fabrichealthywords

Now, for the exercise plan – it’s basically stuff you do already – you don’t even realize how much energy you are burning!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It just so happens, that our friend Jen from customer service enjoys healthy eating!  Jen is in our employee spotlight.  We ❤ our employee-owners and want you to get to know the people who work so hard to bring you fabulous fabrics!`

Jen photo

I have been with I&A since last July, so just over a year now! I started out as a temp and they hired me in November, which I am very happy about.
My favorite part of working here is two-fold. I really like the people I work with. We care about each other and really work as a team. I also really like helping the customers. We get to talk to customers from all over the country so It can be interesting.

This is my first time working for an employee-owned company. I feel, in this situation, you put more effort into your work and everyone takes pride in their work as we are all invested in the outcome.

I’m a Mom of 2 girls, one is 19 and in college and the other an most 12 yr old heading to Middle School in the Fall.

When I am not at work, I like to spend time with my girls and go out and about and explore. I like to go to Art Museums, hikes, hunt for treasures at antique stores and estate sales. I love to read and listen to music. But, most of all, I love to cook!  I love to pour thru my extensive cookbook collection and create new recipes or try out a new one. I love to cook for family and friends. I would host a dinner party every week if I could! I share my passion for food by taking pics and writing about it on my blog,  Jen’s Dish

I think the new Ink and Arrow fabrics are so fun!!!!!  Healthy Eats is funny and very tongue-in-cheek. I am into healthy foods at home but also love pizza! We have homemade pizza every Friday night at my house so here is my take on Healthy Eats and pizza. This is a wonderful pizza to make in the Summer when tomatoes are in season!

Caprese Pizza from Jen’s Dish!!!  YUMMMMM – click here for the PDF to download!

Jen, modeling ‘The Betsy’ Apron pattern by Indygo Junction featuring “Healthy Eats” fabric!

We hope you enjoy the yummy recipe and fabrics!  What will you make out of your Healthy Eats fabrics?


Check out our Instagram and Facebook for this week’s giveaway – Healthy Eats is featured!

And… congratulations to Laura H!  You won our “The Beat” giveaway for commenting on the blog last time!   Thanks for sharing your go-to soundtrack!   Please email us at info@inkandarrowfabrics.com to claim your prize!!!!!




Happy Birthday Ink & Arrow!

That’s right… 1 year of Ink & Arrow fabrics and soooo much fun!  Happy Birthday to us!!! We were thrilled to celebrate and we brought the P-A-R-T-Y to Salt Lake City, Utah where our Spring International Quilt Market was held this past week.  What an adventure!  

Just a little back story in case you didn’t know… Quilt Market is a major convention we have twice a year – it is for the trade to come and see the latest and greatest in the fabric and sewing industry.   You know the awesome quilt shops you buy our fabrics from??? They attend market and get to see all the different company’s sewing tools and threads etc. etc. etc.  and we get to WOW them with our newest collections.   It’s  a lot of preparation, a lot of hard work and a LOT of FUN!!!

Since you can only attend if you are a shop owner or in the industry, we are going to share the booth pictures and some other fun stuff with you?  Ready?  OK!

sneak peek

Our Sneak Peek – This is a display at the entrance of market so people can get excited about what they are going to see… aka… make plans to stop by our booth 😉

sneak peek 3
There’s a “hidden” item in this photo… our very own Isabelle taking the picture!

The great image in our sneak peek and shown above as our feature image is an illustration by our very own Alicia Dujets, one of our talented studio artists and designer of a few of the Ink & Arrow groups!  She has been with I&A since the first day and we were thrilled when we asked her to create this celebratory poster for us – it’s  fun, flirty, whimsical, quirky, and unexpected… it’s soooo Ink & Arrow!  My personal fave is the squirrel with the martini – that’s my type of squirrel! 😉

booth pan

Here’s a panoramic shot of the booth – with our Sales managers prepping for the day.  Lots of fun stuff, together with a bunch of fun people = P A R T Y!

wall of ink

A great part of our booth – featuring all of the collections together!  This was great for people who hadn’t seen our fabrics yet; they could get an overview of the fun! It’s great to see what you can accomplish in a year’s time – we’re so proud!

Sarah I&A booth

See those big boards on the back of the booth?  Those are some of our inspiration images we found on Pinterest, Instagram and across the web.  Inspiration is everywhere and for Ink & Arrow – sometimes, it’s in the most unexpected place!  You just never know…


For example… this photo made us swoon – we just had to make our own version of these for our Ink & Arrow booth chairs…Here’s the link… fabulous!

and… VOILA – here are our pretty chairs inspired by Punk Projects!












booth detail

Here’s a detail shot of our shelves, lots and lots of pixies and arrows and awesome projects from our friends (more on that to come next week!)

Booth left

Holy eye candy!  The colors and the mixing and matching – it’s just so much fun!   We’ll share more about the different projects and our friends we collaborated with next week, for now, let’s just enjoy the vista before us…. aaaahhhh!!!!

booth right
Hi Sarah! (one of our sales managers) – and… no worries… Sarah was able to leave the booth here and there during the show – 🙂

Plumeasy pattern

Two more great projects – we will leave you in suspense and reveal the talent behind these great quilts next week 🙂   Oh, and you can see our favorite hashtag #NoRulesJustFabric because we want people to be creative and do whatever they want with our fabrics, as long as they enjoy themselves and can share a smile with someone else!

Happy quilting wall

We were lucky enough to have an end booth so we could add more decoration to the back!  This allowed us to properly feature this pretty Pixie quilt  “King’s Crossing”from our friend at Happy Quilting… we’ll share more with you next week.  I know, so much stuff to anticipate!  And, thanks to our friend Theresa (one of our talented sewists) who whipped up the Ink & Arrow bunting – we ❤ it so much!!!


Our Quilt Market Crew!   Ink & Arrow has so many talented employees working together behind the scenes, here are a bunch who attended market and made it all come together!

So, how cool is that?   ONE YEAR – BAM … like a flash.  

We can’t wait to share with you more and more Ink & Arrow fabrics in the years to come. Come back next week to see all of our friends in the industry who we teamed up with for our fun and fabulous booth #2541!